https-sslYou’ve probably heard of SSL or seen the padlock at the top of the address bar when you are on some websites and now you are wondering “Do I need an SSL certificate on my site?” Most online shoppers are very careful and want to know that their information is safe. Using an SSL certificate provides two important things:

  • Encryption of traffic to and from your website
  • Shows your customers that they are visiting the right page and that you are trustworthy(SSL certificates do not garuntee this but they do give that perception)

Not all websites need SSL encryption but for some sites it is essential. These questions will help you identify if you need an  SSL certificate for you website.

Does your website collect sensitive information?

It is your responsibility to keep your customers safe. If your customers are entering personal identification information like date of birth or license numbers then you should have your website encrypted with an SSL certificate.

Also if you accept credit cards directly on your website and store it for later entry then you should be using an SSL certificate to protect your customers traffic.

Do you have a login form?

If you have a login form that your users enter  an attacker can actually see their username and password. This would allow someone else to be able to log in using the username and password of the visitor. This also leaves the user open to a much worse possibility. Many people use the same passwords for may sites, if an attacker steals the username and password to one site then they may be able to compromise the users other accounts. If you allow people to store passwords with you then you should take the responsibility of protecting it. An SSL certificate will help protect your customers login data.