Local Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website to show up in local search results.

As the Internet is now being used more and more, people are turning more and more to the Internet and search engines to find local services and products. This is true for both businesses that sell through an “online shop” and for those that use the Internet to promote their brick-and-mortar business.
The problem for businesses that are based in the local area is the astronomical size of the internet. A local businesses website often gets placed deep in the search results and practically never gets found. Larger websites dominate the search results, this is why local SEO needs to be approached differently.

If you want more information about what SEO is read our previous article “What is SEO” for more information

So why does your businesses website need local SEO?

To get more traffic from people that count!!

Targeting your customers is very important, if you are a lawn mower that only services the South Western district of Victoria then why do you need someone in Melbourne finding you?
Well you don’t, that is why you need to optimise your site for local search not just general search. This will allow more of your potential customers to find you not just random people that will never be your customers because they are out of your service area.

Getting your business and contact number in the search results

70% of mobile searchers will call a business straight from a search results page (statistic from Search Engine Watch) this means that the people searching that are searching for your product or service can find you and call you directly from the search page without even having to visit your site. Not only does your contact information show on a mobile but it will also show up on a desktop search as well.
This can lead to an increase in people calling or visiting your business just because they were able to find it easily and increases brand awareness.


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